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Lissajous applet

Name: Lissajous applet

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The Lissajous figures shown elsewhere may look different to those generated here (by specifying the same frequency Run Applet Online. This applet was produced by Miguel Bayona at the Lawrenceville School. This is a 3D simulation. Drag to change the angle of viewing. Sinusoidal voltages are applied to the horizontal and vertical deflection plates, they have the form.

You can see the Java source code, you can go to the Applet Index or you can go to the curve. The path which describes this oscillation forms a Lissajous figure. This figure depends on the amplitude, the frequency and the phase difference of the. Lissajous Java Applets. LissaApplet is a Java Applet that draws so-called Lissajous Curves, which are defined as follows: x(t) = a * cos(f1 * t) y(t) = b * cos(f 2 * t +.

Source code for the Lissajous figures generator. Beware! It is only the second applet which I wrote while learning Java. But it works. Lissajous' Figures. Press the Alt key and the left mouse button to drag the applet off the browser and onto the desktop. This work is licensed. Use Lissajous figures to create colorful patterns and string art. The applet also allows you to apply a signal to modulate the hue of the trace, so you can create.

The path which describes this oscillation forms a Lissajous figure. If you use this Applet frequently or if you are having ideas for further Applets, please send.


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